Meeting Place Izbiceni Photo exhibition in Izbiceni

Between 7 to 30 September, 2010, Cultural Center Tudor Gheorghe from Izbiceni  hosted the  photo exhibition with the most beautiful images taken during the "Meeting Place Izbiceni" Project, organized by Euroarte.
35 young people from Poland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, gathered in September 2010 at Izbiceni, Romania, to discover cultural diversity through photography.
Izbiceni was the center of an intense week for intercultural exchange by creative and artistic means. Dance, photo sessions, workshops, camp fire, national cuisine evenings, visits in areas representative of the region, photo exhibitions, games and entertainment in the best tradition of the Romanian hospitality, were the basic ingredients of this event.
The participants to the project have been accommodated by local familes from Izbiceni, making the intercultural exchange more complete.
Euroarte Association was the organizer of the event and the  international partners involved in the project were:  Erinoorsootoo Uhing Noor Eesti from Estonia, Click Group from Turkey, Cazalla Intercultural  from Spain, Ela Tan Educational Association from Poland, Associazione cultural Strauss from Italy and Ecomission Century 21 from Bulgaria.
Project Izbiceni Meeting Place was funded by the European Commission through the Youth in Action Program.
Note: This project is funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects only the views of the author and the Commission can not be held responsible for using the information it contains.